Organize a charity event for children in need in Rotterdam

Join us with "Sint voor Kint"!

About 1400 children in Rotterdam are getting help from the food bank because their families have to live on a very  tiny budget. In december when Santa Claus is coming to the Netherlands their parents often don't have much to spend to give their kids a nice present. As in the years before together we will do something about this! In the week from 17th to 24th of november we want to organize varius charity events and projects to raise money for Santa Claus presents for these children. Everybody can join and organize a small (or big;-) project to raise money for this cause. Be creative, sell cookies, organize a concert, dive into the river for a donation... Every contribution is valuable. Even more because local companies will partly double the money we raise.

Tell us if you are interested in organizing a project via

You our your community can also contribute with a donation to: Stichting Serve the City Rotterdam, reference: Sint voor Kint, IBAN NL56RABO0118379399, BIC: RABONL2U
(please make sure that we receive the donation before the 20th of november)